Splash Pad Benefits


Children grow through play in so many ways. We want to BRING BACK PLAY! 


Unscripted free play to encourage children to create their own experiences. We want to create a deeper kind of play that promotes social play, so children interact with each other. Encourage discovery play, so children explore the worlds of cause and effect and prioritize inclusive play, so people of all ages and abilities can join in.


Encourage physical, functional and social development in children (and adults) of ALL ages and abilities.


Centrally located in the Harbour East region, near a transportation hub and accessible by foot, bike, public transit or auto.


Zero-depth water space to minimize risk. Located in a public, high visibility common area - near amenities and existing park land. Consistent water quality for outdoor aquatic recreation.


Capture & repurpose water management technology that reduces consumption and can provide water to local agriculture, community gardens or other “grey water” needs.


  • Lower operational and maintenance cost than pools
  • Lower legal liability to municipality
  • Extension of existing parks
  • Enhances community cohesion
  • Build to fit aesthetically into surroundings
  • Durable environmentally sound investment with expansion capabilities
  • Modern city infrastructure value